AFutureSuperHero And Friends and Rodney Smith, Jr. Partner

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AFutureSuperHero And Friends and Rodney Smith, Jr. Partner for the ‘Hope 4 The Holidays’ USA Tour, a nationwide tour where one person or family in each state is chosen to receive donations, special visits, and more. Yuri Williams, founder of AFutureSuperHero And Friends, has become known for his efforts in helping those in need. He dons a superhero costume and goes to hospitals, homes, and special events, where he also donates. Often, he partners with others who are like-minded. Rodney Smith, Jr., is the creator of Raising Men Lawn Care Service and the “50-yard challenge”, where he encourages children and young adults to mow lawns for charity.

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Now, the two are partnering up for their 4th annual “Hope 4 The Holidays” tour. They will travel across the United States and bless a family or individual from each state across the country.

Williams will be dressed as a “Santa’s biker scout elf” and Smith will be dressed as “Santa’s helper”. Together, the two will do good, giving gifts to the homeless, visiting the elderly, visiting sick and disabled children, and saving Christmas for families in need.

The non-profit is seeking nominations from people across the country who know someone they would like to see blessed in such a way. These nominations can be made by simply messaging AFutureSuperHero And Friends via social media or e-mail.

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This year, as more and more people struggle to survive, Williams and Smith are committed to making the holiday brighter for those in need. Both of these men are known for their passion for giving back, and as part of that, they also give others a chance to give back.

Anyone wishing to donate to this cause can do so at the ASuperHero And Friends website

In Nov. 25, 2022, the two will begin the 4th annual “Hope 4 The Holidays” tour. Their journey begins in Louisville, Kentucky. Additional details can be found at

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AFutureSuperHero And Friends is a non-profit organization that gives back to the homeless, veterans, sick children, the elderly, and animals.


Yuri Williams

AfutureSuperHero And Friends

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Twitter: @afuturesuphrero


Contact Information:
Yuri Williams
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