Fire midfielder Federico Navarro a proud Argentine after country’s World Cup triumph

Soccer is the most popular sport in Argentina. In fact, it may be more than that.

Born in Frontera, Argentina, midfielder Federico Navarro returned home as Lionel Messi and his national team beat France in a thrilling final to win the World Cup. Navarro recalled Argentina’s reaction to the win, which gave the South American nation its third world title.

“Here, this is the highest that can happen to all of us,” Navarro said through a translator. “Right here, [soccer] before everything in Argentina, before everything else. I feel like people here are breathing [soccer]. The world stops when the team plays. ”

Navarro, 22, made his professional debut for Argentinian club Talleres in 2019. Although he is getting paid to play the sport, it is clear that his love and passion for the sport has not waned. .

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Speaking about his Argentinian identity during his victory in Qatar, Navarro doesn’t look like a jumping pro who sees the game as a way to build his bank account. He spoke like someone who is proud of his country, and is very grateful to have shared time with his family and fellow Argentines.

“It means the world to Argentina,” Navarro said. “I was able to go to the country and watch it with my wife, but also with my grandmother, and I was able to experience it as a fan and a fan. [to] look, the team won, it’s unbelievable. I really can’t explain it to you. It was really incredible.

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“Everywhere people were stopped. Everyone was watching. In this country, that’s the most extreme thing that can happen. Every team wants to win the World Cup.”

Navarro isn’t the only Fire player with a connection to Argentina.

Footballer Gaston Gimenez was born in Formosa, Argentina, and appeared in one match for the national team before moving to Paraguay. Navarro said he and Gimenez talked about the World Cup last year, wanting to see how Argentina would fare.

Now that Argentina has won, Navarro and Gimenez plan to party when they meet for a drink husband, traditional caffeinated beverages such as tea.

“[Gimenez] 100% Argentine,” said Navarro. “I know he moved to play for another team because of [soccer]because sometimes [soccer] that and such things happen. “

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A defensive midfielder known for his strong tackles and endless energy, Navarro has established himself as an integral part of the firebrand’s midfield. Taking the next step and entering contention for the 2026 World Cup will not be easy given the strength of Argentina’s player pool, but Navarro hopes it will be possible after improving his game and gaining experience. More.

“That’s the biggest dream, the dream of every Argentinian player, to wear the jersey of the national team,” said Navarro. “Maybe for us more, we feel a little bit different, because the Argentinians are very enthusiastic, and especially in representing our country and playing with our flag.”


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