How Pokémon Scarlet And Violet’s Item Dupe Exploit Works

A Pokemon Trainer unleashes the power of Infinite Tera Shards.

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Pokemon is No stranger Item duplication glitchesAnd the players have already discovered it something the older ones in Scarlett and purple. While the previous version of the exploit required precise button-press timing and a lot of hassle, the new and improved version lets players multiply their rare items super fast.

The newest form of Pokemon Scarlet and purpleappears to be a duplicate error First share Yesterday by German YouTuber DrWater. British Pokemon YouTuber BLAINES has gone after it And explained in detail how the trick works. Like the previous version of the exploit, it revolves around giving your Corydon or Miraydon legendaries a held item and then swapping them with a newly caught Pokemon from the wild. When done correctly, the Pokemon and its holding item – whether your shard, ability patch, or other rare curio – will be duplicated.

A new super fast item duplicate in Pokemon Scarlet Violet

But instead of constantly replacing legendaries with new wild Pokemon, the faster version of the glitch allows you to keep Koraidon or Miraidonn moving around in your box. Here’s exactly how it works:

  1. Make sure box 1 is empty
  2. Replace Koriadon/Miraidon as a battle and add it to your party
  3. Give it the item you want to duplicate
  4. Press the plus button to ride and then dismount again
  5. Put Koriadon/Miraidon back into battle mode
  6. Catch wild Pokemon
  7. Select Add it to your party
  8. Choose the Koriadon/Miraidon slot
  9. Press the A and B buttons almost simultaneously but pressing the A button comes slightly forward.
  10. Choose to place the item in your bag
  11. Press the plus button to ride and then dismount again
  12. Open Box 1 and replace the captured Pokemon with the cloned Coriadon/Miridon.
  13. Open your bag and give the cloned Koriadon/Miraidon an item to duplicate
  14. Select the clone Koriadon/Miraidon from your battle party and choose “Return to Raid Form”.
  15. Open Box 1 again
  16. Press the X button twice to go to team 1
  17. Hold the duplicate item and press L once to open the box with Koriadon/Miraidon
  18. Select it and select “Put Item Away”.
  19. Repeat steps 12 through 16 to continue duplicating the placed object

In addition to being much faster, this version of Glitch also cuts down on the need to deal with clone Pokemon, constantly catch new ones, or repeatedly try to nail the timing of pressing the A and B buttons. And once you get it working, you can start maxing out the item in mere minutes, at least until Game Freak patches it.

The trick is also a major deal for Scarlett and purpleYour red economy. It takes 50 Tera Shards to change your Pokemon’s Terra Form, but raid battles only give a few, even on higher difficulties. Once you’ve got the few types you want, the duplication glitch will effectively let you bypass that whole grind, which has its own share of issues with weak NPC allies and in between. Online multiplayer crashes occasionally.

How long this particular imitation mistake will last remains to be seen. But Game Freak has plenty Performance-related bugs and Nightmare fuel glitches to cope with in the meantime.


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