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The tagline is “For those who take control of their lives.”

A local brand owner has come under fire after sharing a TikTok video about why her brand doesn’t use plus-size models.

Khai, who owns lifestyle clothing brand Okvimy, says she gets this question a lot.

In the video posted on December 12, she said: “Just a heads up, I’m not fatphobic or fat-shaming. This is just from a brand owner’s perspective.”

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Khai explains that Okvmi’s sole purpose is to take his “dream customer” from his current state to his “dream state” and not his “bad end” state.

In the video, the bad end is depicted as “lost, out of shape, broken” while the dream state is described as “in shape, financially free, high-value people”.

“That’s why we use models that are already almost there,” Khai says

In response, several TikTok users posted their own videos criticizing Khai’s video.

One criticism is that by claiming he was fatphobic, Khai knew he would come off as fatphobic.

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“He says being fat is a bad outcome,” TikTok user doc.ho said. “Why is fat the worst outcome? That’s fatphobia!”


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Others questioned why Khai made an entire video about not using plus-size models when Okvmi is selling sizes up to 3XL.

TikTok user Noorjatiman said: “What you’re doing is you’re alienating a part of your customer base because they’re not the way you think your customers should be, or the brand guidelines.”

Another common criticism is that Khai’s videos have attracted “vile, fragile-ego male commenters who think fat people don’t deserve it”.

TikTok user Krista Joy said the video created “this very toxic space of people being fatphobic and just being hateful” in her comments section.

In response to the backlash, Khai posted another video the next day, saying: “This is not an apology video or me trying to play the victim because I stand by what I said. And no, I’m not afraid of being rejected. The only person who knows me. He is God who can cancel.

“First, I understand that the comment was made so that someone who wants to wear a larger size can see how it fits the model. I apologize for misinterpreting the comment.

“Secondly, I still believe that to be in control of one’s life one must be physically fit, mentally disciplined and financially free.”

For those “who are comfortable where they are and don’t improve in all three aspects of your daily life,” Khai says: “You’re not my target audience.”

He continued: “Yes, we sell 3XL clothes, so as I mentioned earlier people can wear our clothes while taking control of their lives.”

When contacted by Stomp, Khai said: “We will not use plus-size models in the future. But we will use XL-3XL models that look like the desired condition.”


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Responding to comments that he was in a “privileged position”, Khai said: “Brother, my father is a techie, bringing back less than $2.5k a month to support a family of five. My mother is a housewife. I’m a financial aid from primary school. Am in the project and I am working from sec 2 so I can support myself.

“Unless you’re mentally retarded or you’re really, really sick, you have no excuse to say you can’t get anywhere without hard work and hustle. If you’re lazy, say you’re lazy.”

Khai shared on Instagram that despite what he considers “toxic masculinity”, his brand “still believes it’s a man’s job to protect and defend his loved ones”.


He told Stomp that the brand is called “Okami” but is legally registered as Okvmi.

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