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Before finally hitting the streaming platform, Megan It achieved blockbuster status in theatres. That No Hard to see why. Gerard Johnstone’s horror film is so homely that it feels like an eerie aura in our homes.

The last time I watched a Ram Gopal Varma film, I felt so close to the horror on screen the ghost And more recently Malayalam films Bhoot Kalam. To a large extent, both these films relied on lighting to create fear. fear in Megan Comes from common surfaces and conversations. There is no simulated lighting to indicate forewarning.

An annoying neighbor takes in her dog which soon goes missing. When we learn what has become of the dog, and whodunit, there is no surprise, and yet there is a palpable palpable terror, unexplainable in any cinematic sense. But there it is. We can feel it.

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It all starts when little Caddy’s parents die in a freak road accident. Caddy must now remain with her stiff upper lip Aunt Gemma (Allison (Williams, not strong enough in her difficult part, is a working woman facing a monstrous domestic crisis). Ironically, Gemma is into toy manufacturing.

Aunt Gemma, who is more into her research on her computer than her sad lonely niece, brings home a human-sized doll that actually talks back when the child talks to it.

The rest is roughly on track. And yet it feels like something outside of the usual horror tropes we have Never seen before. Full marks to the actress who plays Megan the Deadly Doll. Amy Donald looks so human and yet so cold in her Other worldsIt’s as if she’s from another time and place and yet, for a moment, fate’s most terrifying ally.

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The film is hurriedly paced, as if time is running out. Once the evil underbelly of Megan’s personality was established, I found the corpses piled up pretty quickly. There is a distinct difference in pace and rhythm between the earlier and later parts of the narrative, as if it were all planned out, which it probably was.

while the Megan It is definitely a comedy horror venture, it would be disingenuous to call it a horror-comedy. For all its surface sheen — and this highly polished product — Megan It aims to make a statement on loneliness, companionship, loyalty and ownership. It kills with its rock-solid storytelling.

Chucky-Meets-Samantha (from the movie her) swish-forward. Megan is a far more sophisticated work than the theme suggests. We know the terror-doll theme has been done to death. But the doll here taps into her man partner Lonesome with such mild ingenuity, we wonder if she’s really as bad as she’s made out to be. Maybe Megan 2 This movie will answer the questions that you don’t have time or patience for.

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Oscillating between tender and terrible Megan A dish that serves a flowers Between junk food and cuisine.

Subhash K Jha is a journalist based in Patna. He has been writing about Bollywood for a long time to know the industry from the outside.

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