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Manmeet Singh Gill

Amritsar, 21 November

With World Television Day being celebrated on Monday, it’s also time to stock up on new gadgets, limiting the need for it if not eliminating it altogether. TV is facing increasing redundancy with smartphones and computers providing a parallel and powerful platform for the daily dose of entertainment as ‘idiot box’ technology continues to popularize new television sets with large screens to make viewing more entertaining. and information. Even with the proliferation of separate movie channels in different languages, old-timers are apathetic about having to wait for months to watch a new movie aired on Doordarshan.

Senior citizens remember the days when television antennas needed to be adjusted periodically to get a clear picture. DTH and cable services have removed the problem and the number of TV towers has also increased for better connectivity. Senior citizens lament that the one thing television provided was quality family time when everyone sat together to watch their favorite soap operas. Youngsters now prefer their personal gadgets over spending time with family. Watching TV together was a daily ritual, then mostly at home, sums up eight-year-old Harish Bahl.

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Satveer, 40, said, “My favorite show as a child was Ainak Wala Zeen, which was telecast on Pakistan Television every Friday evening. We used to adjust the TV antenna every week to watch the show. Satveer, who lives in a village near the international border with Pakistan, said, “At that time Doordarshan was the only available channel. While adults watched Pakistani serials like Dhuwan and Marvi, kids loved Ainqwala Jin. We used to adjust the antenna every evening to watch Pakistani TV dramas.

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In the country, those were the days when towns and cities came to a standstill when Mahabharata and Ramayana were aired. Joginder Nath, another old man, said, “If people came out of the house, they would gather outside the shop to watch the epic drama. Shoppers also obliged and everyone was glued to the television until the show aired. “

Senior citizens complain that television is used only to watch prime time news debates and listen to news broadcasts. Even though any movie, serial or documentary is now just a click away, old timers said they used to wait for weeks for their favorite movies to air on television.

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“I still remember the time when Doordarshan used to air the popular and hit film Bobby on late night telecast. We started asking our parents for permission weeks ago,” said 52-year-old Balveer Singh. In the early days of television in this country there was nostalgia and nostalgia for the medium and the people associated with it, the changes also symbolized the changing value system and social mores.


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