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WWE Survivor Series WarGames was one of the best pro wrestling events of the year from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on Saturday night.

Sami Zayn’s storyline from Bloodline drama and the way he completely revived the Roman Reigns unified-title storyline has been stuck in purgatory.

The Honorable Us took center stage in the night’s main event as The Bloodline (Reigns, Solo Sequoia, Zayn and The Usos) went up against a hodgepodge of The Brawling Brutes (Sheamus, Ridge Holland and Butch), Drew McIntyre and Kevin. Owens.

It was, without exaggeration, one of the best modern bits of storytelling in wrestling to date.

The biggest takeaway from the match? going to happen injury If and when The Bloodline Zen turns up.


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Saturday night events will play a huge role in that. And that’s probably the point. If WWE wants to capture the lighting in a bottle that was Daniel Bryan’s “Yes Movement” all those years ago, it’s clearly with Zayn.

But even as a stand-alone story, WarGames was a glutton for great storytelling. Zayn had tense dustups with Jey Uso. After chatting closely with Reigns throughout the night, the Unified Champ always had a keen eye on things.

And there was a long, long callback to the friendship between Zayn and Owens that was strong enough to make even the smartest fans second-guess whether the adopted Uso might betray his new family.

And while fans consider those big takeaways, there’s something to be said for the sheer entertainment value of the match.

The question now is where and at what pace things go from here. Zane will eventually discover that Bloodline may not be able to keep him around for long. While they seem to be patching things up, the J-Sami relationship is still volatile.

Saturday night’s event is a real opportunity for Zayn to finally main event WrestleMania 39. Maybe even ‘The Rock out of the limelight’ come Mania season.

It’s worth noting that the WarGames match itself played a significant role here, as no other Survivor Series showdown carries the same weight. That means no silly “putting wrestlers around” stuff so other story beats can happen. As a prime example some people were not yet allowed in the ring.

The new man in charge of creative, Triple H, about six months ago has given new importance to the rules of WarGames, among many other changes in WWE’s direction.

The first WarGames match of the night also benefited from the match type. First Team Belair (Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Mia Yim and Becky Lynch) faced Team Bayley (Damage CTRL’s Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Skye, as well as Nikki Cross and Rhea Ripley).

The match was thrilling with great storytelling. Of course, the biggest thing was Lynch’s return as the fifth member of the team and working with Bellair, not against her. But the little things in that match, like planting the seeds for Lynch vs. Bayley and just Asuka’s haze slowing down replays, show respect for the wrestlers and the viewers.

Was the match an all-time classic that dramatically moved the needle? Not at all, but it was an interesting affair that made more sense than the usual cobbled-together Survivor Series matches. It had meaning and will have consequences.

One step is to revamp the pay-per-view schedule in WWE in refreshing ways. None of this would work without a talent like Zane in the lead role, but the creative match type also allows his story to spread its wings in refreshing ways.

Perhaps it’s the 38-year-old, outright MVP of WWE’s main event scene who is underselling right now (even Reigns’ face can almost see the acknowledgment). Few superstars can step in and do what he is doing now. After all, he’s the guy who recently destroyed a super-serious segment (the good kind). Cracking up Reigns and the Usos During the live segment.

Even Paul Heyman himself, slightly ghostly in that department thanks to Zayn, really hit these notes about the adopted Uso at the post-event press conference.

“Sami brings a dynamic that none of us were ready for and we’re ready for everything,” he told reporters. “What Sami also brings is a connection with the audience that none of us can have because we’ve been so busy being the top act across the industry for two years.”

That range of characters and storytelling—from silliness to serious events in a WarGames match—makes Zayn must-see television, and he brings Reigns and Co. with him. is taking He’s invested, the fans are invested, and Survivor Series 2022 will be remembered for his moments.

It’s unprecedented momentum for a fresh WWE experience that hasn’t felt this good in a long time. On Saturday night, Zayn proved once again that he controls the ship, even if the man next to him is the captain in the gold suit.


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