Sergio Perez Sets the Internet Ablaze By Brutally Snubbing Max Verstappen Online After Red Bull Blunder At Brazilian GP

The writers of Drive to Survive must be loving the Brazilian GP weekend. We’re only through sprint qualifying and there’s already a lot of drama. Among the big events, like Kevin Magnussen’s pole and George Russell’s sprint win, some events slipped through the cracks. For example, the feud between Red Bull teammates Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.


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Before talking about the outcome let’s recap the origins of the tension between the two. During the sprint race, Verstappen fell down the pecking order from P1 to P4. A rare slow pace in Verstappen’s RB18 saw him overtaken by Russell, Sainz and Hamilton. In P4, Verstappen met his teammate Perez in fifth.

Perez Communicated He wants to pass Verstappen so he can start the race in P3 and gain an advantage over Leclerc in the upcoming race. Perez wanted a position advantage to improve on his five-point lead over Leclerc in the Drivers’ Championship standings.

Formula One F1 – Japanese Grand Prix – Suzuka Circuit, Suzuka, Japan – October 9, 2022 Red Bull’s Max Verstappen with Red Bull’s Sergio Perez after the race REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hon

Red Bull issued no such team order, much to Perez’s displeasure as the two held their positions. It didn’t go well for Perez as he tried to maintain his second place in the championship. This certainly didn’t go down well with the fans as Perez obeyed every team order in favor of his teammate, who is already a world champion.

Dive deep

“Read the room? They don’t care about you”: Red Bull face heat as Sergio Perez left begging at Brazilian GP track

About 10 hours ago

However, signs of tension did not become public until fans noticed Perez and Verstappen’s social media activity.

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Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen are no longer friends, at least on Instagram

The Red Bull men, after the race, took to Instagram and quietly communicated their revenge through a simple gesture. The teammates unfollowed each other on Instagram. Fans caught this update thanks to the public nature of their social media activity.

Fans took to Twitter to react to the two unfollowing each other.

Perez’s decision surprised fans, but many connected the dots to the incident during the sprint race.

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Small or not, Sergio Perez made his feelings clear about a team order that never came. But what do you think? Should Red Bull have swapped Perez and Verstappen?


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