The Shady Celebrity Yoga Gurus Beloved By Hollywood Stars

Celebrities and dubious spiritual leaders have always gone hand in hand—Hollywood and cults practically grew up together.

“Faith Healer” Aimee Semple McPherson’s LA church, founded as the film industry was taking off in the West, attracted silent-era figures like Charlie Chaplin and the star who coined the phrase “It Girl,” Clara Bow.

Since then, Hollywood’s list of weird spiritual groups has grown along, from NXIVM to the Kabbalah Center and, of course, Tom Cruise’s beloved church.

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Now, it seems there’s a whole new breed of super weird, possibly outrageous Hollywood spiritual group that’s sprung up in recent years – celebrity yoga cults.

Let’s explore the murky world of celebrity yoga cults

These gurus have attracted everyone from Russell Brand and Kate Hudson to Will Smith and Tony Robbins, often before being unmasked as frauds or criminals.

In his wake, another guru is rising, even joining British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s party—despite being wanted by Interpol on grisly criminal charges.

Katie Griggs, aka, Guru Jagat, who lured A-listers like Alicia Keys and Kate Hudson.

The turban-wearing, QAnon-following, COVID-denying Griggs, a white woman, claims mixed Indian ancestry and was a devotee of the Guru Yogi Bhajan at the center of dozens of sexual assault allegations.

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