Tom Selleck, Will Hochman ‘Blue Bloods’ Performance — Season 13 Episode 9

Artist | Tom Selleck and Will Hochman

An exhibition | blue blood

Part | “Nothing Sacred” (Jan. 6, 2023)

Performance | Joe Hill’s introduction, three years ago this May, was well watched blue blood’ The smartest move. While audiences never know the offspring of the late Reagan’s son, his arrival adds a new branch to the family tree, and each of the character’s occasional appearances conveys how he’s not Reagan. Moreover All traps. (And oh, how they have traps.)

This week’s episode, in which Joe and his grandfather, Frank, struggle over how best to investigate the vandalism of Joe Reagan’s headstone, didn’t give Hochman his most material yet, inviting Selleck to play some new notes with the regularly accurate Frank.

When Frank – after learning that Joe has blatantly disobeyed his “ask” to let him handle the investigation – calls his grandson onto the carpet in his innately intimidating 1PP office, the performance and crackling dialogue have you cheering. See, Joe Hill doesn’t stick to the Reagan family script. He is, perhaps to a fault, not inclined to accept Dada with respect. When Joe said he hadn’t seen his own grandfather’s temperature rise over the act of vandalism, Frank shot back, “Look. difficult“And those two, little words hit like a ton of bricks.

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Selleck and Hochman excelled in a pair of other scenes—first, what was one of them The The weirdest moment in Sunday dinner history, when Joe brought up the broken headstone… and immediately realized that the rest of the family hadn’t been told about the incident. It’s here (under the direction of cast member Bridget Moynahan, it should be noted) that Selleck’s Frank, in a very rare instance, is at a loss for words. They had no eloquent speeches to explain their actions, no literary or historical figures to cite in their defense. Instead, it was a borderline pissed-off Frank who could only humbly say, “I’m sorry.”

Capping things off is Frank and Joe meeting back at Joe Reagan’s grave, where Frank invites his grandson to open the new headstone — which has been updated to read, “Dear Son, Bro. and father.” Touched, Joe noted, “It’s perfect.” There was a lot about Hochman and Selleck’s work throughout the hour.

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Rookie ChainfordHonorable Mention | There are two major reasons for this The Rookie“Chainford” by: Melissa O’Neill and Eric Winter. From day 1, while “boot” Lucy was regularly teased by TO Tim, the cast displayed an effortless chemistry that the writers clearly saw and couldn’t ignore. Years and many police-blocks later, this Tuesday we get to Lucy and Tim’s first meeting, and at first someone says “Look how weird, friends are romantic!” Trope, O’Neill and Winter elevated It’s sweetness and warmth. But O’Neill and Winter bring more than heat. A big draw with #Chenford is the rom-com moments they share, whether it’s brainstorming, perfectly in sync, a cover story for their meeting or mentally stabbing each other in the hallway. Add in a food truck do-over date, where the menu is a perfect addition First Throw in a kiss, and you had one of O’Neill and Winter’s finest showcases.

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FBI Alana De La GarzaHonorable Mention | therefore FBI Focusing on Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castile this week, Alana De La Garza beautifully explores the complexities of a bittersweet investigation. To recap: A kidnapped woman was a grown-up tyke who was pronounced dead by Isobel and her partner Jack Reed after investigating the kidnapping. But while Jack sees Annabel’s existence as a great victory, Isobel has come to terms with all the dark consequences, that they wrapped up that old case and in doing so left a mother needlessly grieving for a child. At every step of the way, De La Garza illustrates Isobel’s resolve to make things (as) right (as best they can be)—perhaps none more so than when she shows a certain disgust at Jack’s heels over the matter. It’s not like Castiel gets the spotlight; De La Garza proved that it should be a little more.

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