WATCH: Jim Banks argues US has gone from ‘America first to America last’ under Biden

President Joe Biden celebrated his two-year anniversary in white house this week, but one GOP The lawmaker said it was just full of “spending fun.”

“I’m an Afghanistan veteran who believes our country is worse in the last two years than it has been in the four years Donald Trump has been in office,” Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), which recently announced his bid to replace Sen. Mike Brown (R-IN) and became climbing the endorsementssaid on Friday at Fox Business.

“We went from America first to America last. I want to be a part of the next generation of young conservatives in the Senate who are there to shake it up,” he added.


Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announced on Thursday that the United States has reached debt ceiling, which may result in the country defaulting on its obligations. Banks, who previously chaired the Republican Study Committee, has long promised to address the Biden administrationdebt of

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“Joe Biden, this president, this administration, has spent more money than any president in the history of our country. They added $5 trillion over two years to deficit spending,” Banks said, adding that it could put the US on a trajectory to add another $10 trillion to the debt over the next decade.

“The whole reason we have the debt limit is to force us to do something about it,” he told host Larry Kudlow.

Banks said he believes voters have given Republicans a House majority to use their leverage to fight Biden’s wasteful spending.

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“We have to fight the fight. We can’t roll with this one. … We are at that point, at the point of crisis, where it matters,” he said.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has agreed to sit down with Biden to discuss a potential increase in the debt ceiling. The Indiana Republican celebrated the news, saying it was “just so important” that McCarthy take the GOP’s demands to the president and not back down.

“I’m proud of Speaker McCarthy for drawing the line in the sand, telling him that we’re going to fight back and demand spending reforms. That’s the whole point of having a debt limit,” Banks said.

“Now we need to use the action of this moment to get us back on a path to reduce wasteful spending and get America back to a healthy place financially,” he said.

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Banks announced his Senate bid earlier this week after Braun step into the race for governor of Indiana. He said to Washington Examiner that he is looking to bring a “fresh brand” of conservatism to the upper house.


“We need conservative senators who will fight against radical Democrats instead of playing along with them, and that’s the kind of leadership I provide in the House, but I can do more in the Senate,” he said at the time.

In one of his first acts in the 118th Congress, Banks previewed the start of a “anti-woke caucus” to “eliminate wokeism in corporate America, in our government, in our schools.”


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